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National Autism Conference 2019

AsIAm is delighted to announce our annual National Autism Conference taking place in The Grand Hotel, Malahide, Co. Dublin on Friday 20th September and Saturday 21st September 2019. This year the theme of our conference will be “Building Partnerships”exploring the need for close collaboration between professionals supporting autistic people, the autism community, and the wider society.

Every session will be co-presented by members of the autism community and relevant professionals, many of whom themselves are autistic.

We are always delighted with the huge interest in the event and work hard to ensure that it is as accessible and inclusive as possible for the autism community. We are excited to partner once again with Ireland’s first autism-friendly retailer, SuperValu, as our Conference sponsor.

We will post about this year’s Conference across all of our platforms using the hashtag #AsIAmConf19, and encourage you to do the same!

Friday 20th September is a professional development seminar targeting healthcare, education and social care in particular as well as policy. Saturday 21st September is our Autism Community Conference. We are excited to announce the details of the agenda below. Please note that this agenda is provisional and subject to change, and that keynote and workshop speakers will be confirmed in the time leading up to the conference.

Click here for Conference Agenda 

Click here for Accessibility Guides

Tickets are as follows:

●  Professional Seminar ticket (one day ticket for Friday 20th September) – €120
●  Community Day ticket (one day ticket for Saturday 21st September) – €80 
●  Day ticket (for full conference, Friday 20th-Saturday 21st September) – €180 (that’s 10% off full price!)

Friday 20th September ~ Professional Development Seminar

First Keynote

Professionals as Respectful Facilitators – Prof. Andy McDonnell and Joan McDonald

Morning Workshops

●  Creating Supportive Environments:
●  What I Wish My Teacher Knew: Dr. Finn O’Murchu and Catriona Parry
●  Accessible Healthcare Service: Dr Mary Doherty and Stuart Nielson
●  Effective Communication For All: Suzanne McCanney and Nicole Duggan

Second Keynote

The Importance of ‘Autism-Proofing’ Your Service – Sarah Hendrixx

Afternoon Workshops

●  What I Wish My Teacher Knew: Dr. Finn O’Murchu Catriona Parry
●  Supporting Positive Mental Health Throughout the Life Cycle: Professor Louise Gallagher, Dr. Linda O’Rourke and Danni Burke
●  Fostering Independence and Self-Esteem in Adult Life: John McCraith and Joanne Weller
●  Autism-Friendly Hospital Experiences: Megan Goodale and Patient Representative

Third Keynote

The Future of Neurodiversity Steve Silberman

Voices of Our Community

Adopting a Strengths-Based Approach: Ailish Conacur, Adam Greenan, Gráinne Cocoran, Adam O’Brien

Saturday 21st September ~ Community Conference

First Keynote

Partnership Through Respect – Prof. Andy McDonnell and Joan McDonald

Morning Workshops

●  Schools as Supportive Partners for Learning: Professor Emer Ring, Shaun Greville and Ben
●  Inclusive Employment Partnerships: Peter Brabazor, Representative of Orchardville and Service User Representative
●  Working Together to Promote Independence: John McCrath
●  Managing Stress and Anxiety in Everyday Life: Mary O’Kane and Emma Buckley

Second Keynote

The Environment as a Partner – Dr. Magda Mostafa and Eleanor Walsh

Afternoon Workshops

●  Supportive Workplace Environments: Ryan Hendry
●  Autism-Friendly School Experiences: Billy Redmond and Jeanette Barrett
●  The Journey to Building Self-Esteem and Confidence: Dr. Patsy Daly and Zarah Doyle
●  Well-Being and Self-Care Survival Guide: Dr. Cat Hughes and Michael Ryan

Third Keynote

Georgia Harper and Sam Ahern – As seen on Channel 4’s ‘Are You Autistic?’

Fourth Keynote

The Future of Neurodiversity – Steven Silberman

Voices of Our Community

Reaching Me Through My Interests: Bastien Confais, Laura Crean, Nicholas Ryan-Purcell, Dara McAnulty


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