AsIAm receives a huge number of emails every single day – ranging from detailed personal queries to people who want to get involved in our work. We only have a very small team and as a result it can take us sometime to respond – your patience and support in this regard is greatly appreciated. We will do everything we can to deal with your query in as efficient and helpful way as possible.

Many of the queries we receive relate to matters which are already covered on the website – such as how to book a speaker or a secondary school workshop – so please take the time to browse our content and look for your answer before writing.

Our team is not in a position (due to a lack of professional expertise) to respond to requests for one to one advice or guidance or advise on specific cases. We really admire people who get in touch seeking support though and would encourage you to explore a list of support organisations (local, national, voluntary), professional medical/mental health services and information services which we have compiled here.

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