November Update

Welcome to our November update!

The feedback we’ve been getting about Conference’s theme of ‘expectations’ has been a huge success. Its broad remit not only allowed for a host of different topics to be explored.

One of the major issues that stood out from the discussions at conference and from you guys in your feedback was the matter of accessibility.

Not just about physical obstacles impeding individuals from availing of basic utilities, but more to do with what supports are available in key public services and wider daily life. We’ll be organising an online informational campaign that will cut right across education, health, and employment, exploring what kinds of supports are presently available in Irish life for the autism community. Through this, we’re hoping to get the conversation started on what can be done to improve these services. What’s currently working? What isn’t? How can we upgrade these and learn to make them more inclusive for autistic users?

We’ll be interviewing a number of advocates and stakeholders in this field about the different issues facing autistic individuals when accessing state and community supports in vital areas, namely when accessing housing, financial and legal aid, and of course, welfare.

We’ve also got an exciting animation campaign in the works about the different kinds of communication available to autistic individuals. The theme of this campaign is about raising awareness about the challenges those of us on the spectrum face when trying to express ourselves and how our peers can help us through different strategies and understanding attitudes.

We’ll be posting the videos on our different social media platforms throughout the month, as well as reflections and real-life stories from members of the community highlighting just how relevant and pressing the situations described in the videos are.

As some of you have probably seen, we’ve been upgrading our main website. Since we’re continually growing as an organisation and accumulating knowledge and personal stories from right across the autism community in Ireland, we’re updating our website to reflect that development. We’ll be adding new tools and options as we roll out our information campaign this month around accessibility. We’ve already got central hubs for different sections of the autism community to access information relevant to them as well as a central Resources and Programmes hub for you to view current projects we’re undertaking. The aim is to make what we have online more accessible and interactive for you guys to view, share and discuss.

We’re always eager to hear your thoughts on any project of ours that we think will benefit the community so please, let us know what you think of our website’s development as it progresses!

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