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Education can throw up many challenges for students with Autism such as the environment, structure, social aspect, curriculum and communication, to name just a few. However education is also an opportunity for people with Autism, of all abilities, to pursue their strengths, gain understanding in the local community and achieve their own personal potential.

AsIAm realises that the “Back to School” period of August/September can be particularly challenging for all stakeholders – students, parents and teachers. Getting to grips with a new routine, coping with change and addressing new challenges are all concerns for students and parents, affected by Autism, at this time of the year. Equally, teachers possibly feel they do not know or understand enough about the condition, and particular students, and may be particularly nervous if this is their first time teaching a student on the Autism Spectrum.

We have produced a series of handbooks for parents, teachers and students (in Second-Level with HFA/Asperger’s Syndrome) which are available for free download below.

We hope that they will provide ideas, knowledge and reassurance to all parties in education and also create a conversation within school communities around how people with Autism can be best supported within that community. The launch of these handbooks is part of a wider “Schools Programme” we will be pursuing in the coming months which will include a pilot series of workshops for students across Ireland to gain a greater insight into Autism and be challenged to consider what THEY can do to make their school more Autism friendly.

We hope you enjoy reading them and that you will become involved in the AsIAm website and community over the coming months as we undertake this important work. Should we ever be able to assist with anything please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below is a download link for each booklet. Be sure to check out our “All About Me” and “My Child” handbooks – which allow students and parents to provide person-specific information to teachers.

Parent's Cover 

DOWNLOAD: AsIAm School Handbook – Parents

Student's Cover


DOWNLOAD: AsIAm School Handbook – Students

DOWNLOAD: AsIAm School Handbook - Teachers


DOWNLOAD: AsIAm School Handbook – Teachers

All About Me Cover


DOWNLOAD: AsIAm School Handbook – “All About Me”

My Child cover


DOWNLOAD: AsIAm School Handbook – “My Child”



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