It’s World Autism Awareness Month and our opportunity to shine a light on issues affecting our community, 365 days of the year.

In AsIAm we firmly believe it is time to move beyond awareness towards understanding, accessibility and human rights. We know that, in so many areas, people with Autism do not enjoy equality of opportunity or parity of access in Ireland. We want to use the month to highlight some of these issues and campaign for change.

Over the past year, we have met countless children, young people and their families who are currently not in full-time education. This can take many forms – from being out of school completely to being on a reduced hours week. It can be for many reasons – from a lack of support to high levels of anxiety or poor understanding of Autism in a school.

Too often the stories of people outside of full-time education are undocumented and untold. This month, we plan to change that! We are inviting parents and young people, currently outside of full-time education, to complete our short questionnaire below.

We will collate this data at the end of the month, anonymise it, present it to the Department of Education & Skills to seek a solution to a major problem, too long ignored.

Parent Survey: Click Here

Student Survey: Click Here