The AsIAm Team, of both staff and volunteers, engage in a huge number of events and engagements every month – from delivering our Secondary School Programme, to speaking at Conferences and running our various programmes, it really is all go!

We think it is really important that we keep the Autism Community, and the wider public, updated on what we are doing. We feel this is important so you see the efforts we are undertaking on your behalf and also to avoid you missing anything of interest in your own locality. We also want to show you what we get up to as we receive a HUGE number of invites every month – we would love to be able to accept all of them but sadly can’t! Hopefully seeing the diary will help you understand that we only say “No” when we absolutely can’t help

If you would like to submit your own event or training request you can do so here.

The diary below records all confirmed engagements for the organisation. We only upload events two months before they are due to take place and after they are confirmed. As a result, a blank space on the diary does not mean we are available – we may still be confirming details of an event or we may be working in the office that day.

Every event on the calendar notes if the events is a private function or if it is open to members of the public to attend. While some of the events we organise many are organised by other groups and so queries should be directed to the hosts.