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Adrian Carroll | Training and Access Officer

Adrian’s role will support the development and delivery of online and face-to-face Autism  training for businesses and organisations seeking how best to support autistic clients and customers. Adrian will also support the Autism-Friendly Accreditation programme for towns and cities in Ireland, the Autism Experience Exhibition and other Autism-friendly events around the country and related queries and will support the Training Department in carrying out its functions.

From Killarney, Co. Kerry, Adrian’s main background is in law and policy, with a BCL in Law Plus History and Cultural Studies from University of Limerick, along with LLM degrees in Law (General) from the University of Limerick and in International and Comparative Disability Law and Policy from NUI Galway. He has also completed a Higher Diploma in Software Development from the University of Limerick and has gone through the SAP Specialisterne programme working as an Enterprise Support Advisor. His dissertation was on how the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities(CRPD) and international policy on Assistive Technology can help bridge the gap between higher education and employment for people with cognitive disabilities, to take up employment. He also has professional experience working in legal support in Brosnan & Co. Solicitors, a local solicitors office in Killarney.

Adrian also works with the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, sitting on their Disability Advisory Committee, comprising over half its members with lived experience of disability, to monitor how the CRPD will become law in Ireland, and improving its laws, policies and public services to allow disabled people to enjoy the same rights as every other Irish citizen.



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