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Accessible Toilets

Accessible Toilets

Here we explain the regulations and practice surrounding accessible toilets for autistic people. Using a public bathroom may pose a challenge for people on the spectrum. You may be disturbed by the sound of a flushing toilet or a hand dryer. Maybe the feel of the toilet paper, the coldness of the sink water or the noise of an electric hand dryer could bother you.

Accessible toilets are toilets designed to accommodate people with disabilities. They generally include handrails, an emergency alarm and a higher toilet seat to make standing up easier. An accessible bathroom can also filter out the noise and is much more user friendly.  While accessible bathrooms are traditionally associated with wheelchair users or people with mobility difficulties, there has been greater emphasis on invisible disabilities within advocacy circles.

You are entitled to use accessible toilets. You are also entitled, if you need assistance, to be joined by a parent or guardian.  It is important to remember that not all disabilities are visible. 

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