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Accounts and Governance

Since we started the AsIAm journey, one of our core principles has been to strive to achieve the highest standards in transparency and good governance.


What are our political views?

AsIAm does not support any one political party or ideology.

We work with every party and politician in Government and in Opposition to advocate on behalf of policies that meet the needs of Ireland’s autism community.

AsIAm never has and never will advocate a party political or ideological position. 

Our team includes members of various political affiliations and opinions. We hope this attention to diversity is reflective of the equally diverse autism community around Ireland.


What is our relationship with the Government?

Along with self-advocates and other autism charities, we sit on the HSE’s Autism Programme Board and liaise with a wide range of Government Departments to make sure they understand autistic people’s experiences better.

We have no direct line to any Cabinet Ministers and do not sit on any Government Department’s directorates.

Government bodies do provide some funding towards our projects, such as the Scheme to Support National Organisations (SSNO) Grant from Pobal. However, these funds are not statutory, nor are they derived from a political decision. AsIAm, along with other charities and community organisations, applies each year for this Grant and we are judged solely on our achievements to date and the scope of our vision for future campaigns.


What is our relationship with TDs, Senators, and the Oireachtas?

AsIAm does not and never will favour one politician or political party over another in our campaigns.

We lobby each and every elected representative from across the divide in the Oireachtas. Autism is a whole-of-life condition that is experienced by individuals and families all over Irish society, regardless of their background, ethnicity, faith, gender or sexuality.

We believe that it is only fitting that the approaches we need to take to improve autistic lives should have a cross-party consensus. AsIAm will work with any and all elected representatives in that endeavour.

Equally, we think that every politician and party should be held to account over the decisions they make that will impact citizens’ lives. We will always push for greater community involvement, accountability and transparency throughout the decision-making process.

All of our lobbying records can be viewed here at the Register of Lobbying Returns’ website.



Accounts and Finances:

AsIAm was incorporated in November 2014 and received Charitable (CHY) Status from the Revenue Commissioners in January 2015. We produce annual audited accounts which are submitted to the relevant authorities and benefactors, and available for inspection on our website.  In line with our aim of transparency, we have also decided to publish our full financial statements here and not just the minimum statutory requirement of the  abridged version.

The AsIAm Board of Directors is working to come into full compliance with the Voluntary Governance Code for a “Type B” Organisation and the Guiding Principles for Fundraising. We are currently adopting the required policies and putting the appropriate procedures in place to be in full compliance with these optional codes in 2018.

Our Founder and CEO is not a member of the Board. He earns €40,000 per annum which is primarily paid by the SSNO Grant provided to us by Pobal. He also donates all further speaking fees he receives to AsIAm.

Audited Accounts 2014-2015

Audited Accounts 2016

Audited Accounts 2017

Audited Accounts 2018

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