COVID-19 Resources for Learning at Home

Many young students across the country have had their education massively impacted by the COVID19. While the future remains uncertain in the short term for end of year exams, there may be many young people across the country eager to continue a routine. For this reason we’ve compiled a handy list of resources to aid during this uncertain time!

Resources is an interactive website where kids can engage with activities in many different subjects. It covers adult material in a child-friendly manner such as mental health issues and world news. It currently has an activity page dedicated to Covid-19 with a short film explaining the virus and lots of interactive activities to help children get used to thinking and talking about the virus in a non-threatening manner. They are also giving free access to resources in the event of school closures. Check it out:

CJ Fallon is one of the biggest publishers of school textbooks in Ireland. Due to school closures caused by Covid-19, they are giving free access to their student resource dashboard. Simply log in with your name and email (no password required), choose the appropriate level for your child and you will be able to access any online book for that level. This may be a great way to keep your child busy if they are flying through work that has been set for them by their teacher. Alternatively, it could motivate a child who is struggling through work that has been set, by allowing them choice.

David Walliams, author of ‘Fing,’ ‘The Billionaire Boy,’ ‘Gangsta Granny’ and many other much loved children’s books, is releasing a free audio book on his website every day for the next 30 days to help families keep kids occupied during school closures. This may be especially helpful for those who find reading a chore – they can listen to the story instead!

Dublin Zoo Web-Cam

Dublin Zoo has a live web-cam which allows animal lovers to watch their favourite animals living their daily lives. Whether it’s the giraffes in the African Savanna or the penguins in their watery hideaway, you’ll have great fun seeing what they get up to when they think no one is watching! This is an especially helpful resources if animals are your special interest …

Twinkl is a resource based website used by teachers that has over 500,000 teacher-made resources. You can search for resources by age group, class level, subject or activity type. There are also an abundance of autism-specific resources available. They have made membership free for all parents during the school closures. Follow the link to set up your own free account and enter the special offer code when signing up.


DabbleDoo Music is an interactive website that has specially designed video courses, radio shows and Spotify playlists as well as music activities to keep the kids interested. Due to the schools closures they are giving parents free access to these resources for one month.

Online Classes

There are many celebrities offering their assistance to support your kids learning from home:

P.E with Joe Wick, The Body Coach

Joe Wick is offering free PE lessons on his youtube channel everyday for kids. Subscribe to his page at the link below to access the videos and don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

Music with Myleene Klass

British singer and model Myleene Klass has created a series of short music lessons for kids to use at home. Listen to her outlining her lesson objectives and set up your youtubekids account at the link below:

Maths with Carol Vordemon

Carol Vordemon from the TV quiz show ‘Countdown,’ has created a website dedicated to teaching maths to children during the school closures caused by Covid-19.

Cooking with Jamie Oliver

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has a variety of kid-friendly recipes on his website, with them aim to get kids cooking!

School on TV – an RTE initiative

From Monday 30th March, RTE will broadcast ‘School on TV,’ set in a primary school classroom and featuring qualified primary school teachers who will facilitate lessons with the nation’s children to help them learn at home. This programme is aimed at children from 1st-6th class and can be accessed the following day on the RTE player.

Sample Routine

It’s a good idea to set a routine for children during this time. The uncertain length of the school closures will naturally have an effect on children’s anxiety levels. Having a structure in place every day, which they know they can rely on, will make them feel safe – even if they don’t realise it. Allowing children some level of choice over what activities they are doing will also help them to feel involved in the decision making. An example of a daily plan you may set can be found below. You can tweak this schedule to suit your own family’s needs and hang it in a central part of your home with visuals:

  • 08:30 – BREAKFAST
  • 09:00 – Family walk / indoor work out if raining
  • 10:00 – Academic Time: school work that has been set
  • 11:00 – Creative Time: art, music, writing, play
  • 12:00 – LUNCH
  • 13:00 – Chores: clean up after lunch, clean bedroom, walk/feed pet
  • 13:30 – Quiet Time: reading, puzzles, maths games
  • 14:30 – Academic Time: school work that has been set
  • 15:30 – Active Time: play outside, cycle, trampoline
  • 17:00 – DINNER
  • 18:00 – Free Time: choose a hobby / watch tv
  • 20:00 – Get ready for bed

Further Educational Websites/Resources


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths)

SESE (Social, Environmental & Scientific Education)



SPHE (Social, Personal & Health Education)


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