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Summer Education Programme

Summer Provision

The Department of Education has recently announced the provision of expanded summer education
programmes for students with complex special educational needs and those at greatest
risk of educational disadvantage, as a COVID-19 pandemic response measure, for
summer 2021.  Many students with complex educational needs including autism have struggled with remote learning. These students will find it difficult to transition successfully to a more senior class or to re-engage with school in September 2021. 

The summer programme’s aim is to support pupils to re-engage with education, to build their confidence and increase their motivation, promote wellbeing and for some who are at key transition stages, help to ensure they can progress to their planned educational placement next September along with their peers.

Building on the previous summer provision programme of 2020, this year will all primary and post-primary schools will have the opportunity to run a 2 week summer programme for students with additional educational needs. The first places will be given to students with complex needs in special classes and
mainstream classes with the remainder assigned on the basis of need. 

The programme will define complex educational needs as:

  • All students enrolled in special classes in post-primary schools.
  • Students in mainstream classes in post primary schools who are accessing the highest level of the continuum of support (Student Support Plus/for a few)
  • Children in the above categories entering primary school next September are also eligible for the programme

What will the Summer Programme involve?

At primary level:

  • A new Primary Complex Needs/Inclusion Programme for pupils in mainstream
  •  An expanded summer programme for pupils in primary special classes and
    special schools
  •  An expanded literacy and numeracy summer camp/campaí samhraidh
    programme for pupils in DEIS schools which may be organised through the
    medium of English or Gaeilge.

At post-primary level:

  •  2 week summer programme for students with complex needs and students at  risk of education disadvantage 
  •  Student groups of up to 12 students supported by 1 teacher
  • SNA Support is also available where required 
  •   Guidance is available to help schools select students for participation in the  programme.

Home-based provision will be available for students with complex needs where no school-based programme is available. Students with complex needs who are at very high risk to Covid-19 can receive support on the home-based scheme remotely, if required.

For more information, check the documents below or download them here.


Letter From Department to Primary Schools re: Summer Programme 

Summer Provision Primary Overview

Summer Provision Primary Guidance

Summer Camp Programme 

Summer Provision Primary Poster

Post Primary

Summer Provision Post Primary Overview

Summer Provision Post Primary Guidance

Summer Provision Post Primary Poster

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