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Autism in the Workplace: Creating Opportunity for Autistic People

Nine out of ten autistic people in Ireland believe it is harder to find work compared to a non-autistic person.

AsIAm’s and IrishJobs.ie’s Autism in the Workplace report surveys both employers and members of the autistic community on their differing experiences and perceptions of autism within the Irish workplace.

According to its findings, almost four in five autistic people in Ireland face barriers to getting the job they want, with 72% citing that having to ‘mask’ or hide their autistic traits to fit in with colleagues as one of the main barriers to finding the right role.

The report suggests a clear lack of understanding of autism on the part of employers, making it even more difficult for autistic employees to disclose their diagnosis

It found that three in four employers (75%) feel that their organisation’s staff do not know enough about autism to support an autistic colleague. 76% of organisations lack a dedicated autism-friendly workplace policy.

To read the report in full, see below.

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