AsIAm #alliscalm Christmas Campaign

It’s time to talk about the festive season.
Very soon, lights will be turned on around our towns and cities. Christmas party invitations will be sent out and children will begin to write their Santa letters. Meanwhile, the autism community will be preparing for one of the scariest times of the year.
Whilst Christmas is an exciting, social and stimulating time for many people – it can be a stressful time for many autistic people who are reliant on calm environments, predictability and time out. This year we want to make Ireland’s Christmas celebrations as inclusive as possible.
This month we will launch our #alliscalm Campaign – a challenge to members of the public, businesses and communities. We challenge you to create accessible spaces this Christmas.
Our strategy will be aimed towards making retailers achieve an autism friendly environment but at the core of our strategy is you and your family. We want to help the public organise a Christmas themed Coffee Mornings in aid of AsIAm.
Think about it. Most social events at Christmas are quite intense and overloading. Imagine if we could all just take a moment away from the chaos, in a calm autism-friendly environment to enjoy a tea or coffee and have a conversation with friends.
These coffee mornings can be big or small but we will provide all hosts with a simple guide to make the experience as inclusive as possible. We also will have a starter pack to send to each host ahead of their magical, inclusive morning.
Whilst every charity will hold some kind of fundraiser for Christmas, we wish to raise funds whilst helping to build autism-friendly communities.
We hope this will raise awareness of a very real but largely unknown issue – and help make Christmas more inclusive for people on the autistic spectrum. Our campaign will last throughout December, around Ireland. We would be extremely grateful for your support in making that vision a reality.  To raise additional funds, we’ve recruited a selection of Irish artists to create a custom Christmas bauble. The bauble, inspired by the #alliscalm logo, will be auctioned to the public in the coming weeks.  However, we can’t do this alone.  If you’d like to hold your own #alliscalm coffee morning, just visit our Coffee Morning Registration Page.  OR If you’d like to donate to AsIAm, visit our Donation Page
Help us make this Christmas the most inclusive ever!

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