An Autism Innovation Strategy for Ireland

The creation of an Autism Innovation Strategy lies at the heart of AsIAm’s mission as Ireland’s national autism charity.

Whilst some Bills have been introduced in the Oireachtas to specifically look at autism, none have ever been passed into law. Equally, there is no mention of autism anywhere on the Statute Book. 

Autism strategies are well-established across several European states. Governments in countries such as Denmark, Hungary, Spain, the UK and, most recently, Malta have integrated autism inclusion into their respective legislative agendas.

Ideally, an Autism Innovation  Strategy would take look beyond clinical supports and towards the tangible rights-based issues facing the community such as unemployment and inaccessible services. 

Any robust Strategy would include adjusted and enhanced access to appropriate support services, nationwide training for parents and other persons who work with autistic people and crucially, empowering autistic individuals through providing full participation in society through health, education and self-determination.

For more information, download and read the Autism Innovation Strategy from AsIAmAsIAms-Autism-Innovation-Strategy-FV-2.

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