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AsIAm All About Me Autism Booklets

All About Me Autism Booklets

The ‘All About Me’  series are a set of autism booklets aimed at providing greater awareness. In doing so, support for autistic people can be better tailored to their individual needs across a variety of settings. 


These autism booklets seek to address an autistic person’s challenges from a strengths-based approach. In doing so, they not only ask individuals where exactly they struggle in their daily lives, and to what extent, but how may they use their strengths and personal interests to overcome these obstacles. From there, different approaches can be developed to manage a person’s areas of difficulty and build on their individual potential.


The series is aimed towards different people in an autistic person’s life, including parents, teachers, medical professionals, and public servants. They are best answered by actively consulting with the person themselves and directly asking them how they experience their autism. 

Update: In the context of the COVID19 pandemic, AsIAm recommends having a copy of this autism booklet ready for any form of medical examination. Between high demand on health services and new safety restrictions, it is advisable to familiarize doctors or nurses with your needs as soon as possible. For more information check here.

A full list of our current handbooks can be viewed at https://asiam.ie/resources/.

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