AsIAm and Elephant Living launch Charity Partnership

10% of Mellow Bean Bag sales to support AsIAm

People across Ireland and internationally now have the opportunity to support the work of AsIAm Irelands National Autism Charity.

Dick White, Fundraising Manager with AsIAm commented “ We are delighted to launch this Charity Partnership with Elephant Living. They create and supply some wonderful sensory products used in our community and it’s a great fit for our long-term sustainability.”

Testing The Mellow Elephant BeanbagElephant Living and AsIAm launched their new The Mellow Bean Bag, designed in collaboration with Amanda McGuinness of as a wonderful new accessory to their range.  Amanda is a parent to 4 children, 3 of whom are autistic. She is an autistic self-advocate, Visual Supports Specialist, and Autism Training Officer. 


Elephant Living are Ireland’s only brand of beanbags and have been in business for over 11 years. Their beanbags are loved across Ireland, and are often recommended by occupational therapists and purchased for many sensory spaces in schools, homes and libraries. 

Amanda and Elephant Living wanted to design something specific for the autism community.

Often when a resource or product is designed for neurodivergent individuals or individuals with sensory differences, they can be very expensive. It was the goal of Elephant Living and Amanda to create an inclusive beanbag that was suitable for children, teens and adults but that did not exploit the market. 

Terri Pierce, of Elephant Living  commented “We are creating an inclusive brand and I am delighted to have As I Am and Amanda Mc Guinness, on board.”

You can purchase the wonderful Mellow bean bag at, 10% of all sales will go to AsIAm.

10% of Mellow Bean Bag sales to support AsIAm
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