AsIAm and urge employers to sign up to ‘Same Chance Commitment

‘Same Chance Commitment’ designed to create autism friendly workplaces and unlock opportunities within the jobs market for autistic people


Today as part of the Same Chance April campaign, Orla Moran, General Manager of hiring platform joined Adam Harris, CEO of AsIAm, Ireland’s national autism charity, to launch the ‘Same Chance Commitment’ which calls on employers to take the first step to creating an autism friendly workplace.

Research tells us that at least 1 in 65 people in Ireland are autistic with 85% of that number either unemployed or underemployed. The ‘Same Chance Commitment’ aims to improve this figure by encouraging businesses to undertake a number of actions to help remove barriers for autistic people entering the workplace and to create more inclusive workspaces for Autistic people who are already in employment.

Every employer who signs up to the ‘Same Chance Commitment’ pledges to:

Commenting on today’s announcement, Adam Harris, CEO at AsIAm, said: “The launch of the ‘Same Chance Commitment’ with IrishJobs today is another important milestone for us as an organisation. The consequences of exclusion for Autistic people can be devastating – leading to social isolation, poor mental health, poverty and a higher mortality rate.”

“Small accommodations by employers can remove barriers for Autistic people at work, but they can also unlock skills and abilities which helps businesses gain the competitive edge and think outside the box. The pandemic has shown us that it is possible to work differently and so presents unprecedented opportunities to create inclusive workplaces.”

“With a number of commitments that range from making their recruitment processes more inclusive to creating new opportunities for Autistic people to access work experience, internships and jobs and embedding autism-friendly practices, this ‘Same Chance Commitment’ is a critical step on the road to creating a more truly inclusive Irish economy and society.”


Orla Moran, General Manager, said: “We are delighted to launch the ‘Same Chance Commitment’ in partnership with AsIAm today. This is a really important initiative for us as a company and we hope that by working together with the team at AsIAm we can make positive impact on the number of autistic people employed across Ireland.”

“At IrishJobs, we are already supporting employers to achieve this with our Same Chance toolkit, which offers a step-by-step guide to becoming an autism-friendly employer. With today’s announcement we hope to make the journey for employers that bit easier by creating a dedicated pathway by which they can embrace diversity in its truest sense and create more inclusive working environments for Autistic people in Ireland.”


For more details on how to sign the ‘Same Chance Commitment,’ just visit our registration form.

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