AsIAm Calls on Government for Greater Investment for Autistic People and Families

Thursday July 28th 2022: AsIAm today published its Pre-Budget Submission 2023, titled “Living Under Pressure”, which calls on the Government to provide greater investment for the Autistic community to protect Autistic people and their families from the sharpest consequences of the cost-of-living crisis and encourage much more active participation and inclusion in Irish society.

Autistic people and families across Ireland have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the sharp rise in inflation and the cost of living. These social and economic barriers dominate many aspects of life as an Autistic person in Irish society and leave many in our community, particularly those on low and middle incomes, to experience isolation, social exclusion, poverty and lack of access to supports.

AsIAm believes that Budget 2023 presents an opportunity for the Government to both mitigate the hardship in our community and grasp the opportunity to create a more inclusive and just society where everyone can participate and live a happy, healthy life.


From a lack of appropriate school places, additional costs of living with a disability, lower incomes, to barriers to accessing employment and accessing social opportunities,  Autistic people have been living under pressure for many years, and our submission outlines the need for urgent action. It includes:

-> €20 increase per week for Disability Allowance

->A €20 increase per week for the Carer’s Allowance

->A €20 increase per week for the Domiciliary Care Allowance

->A €100 increase in the Carer’s Support Grant

->€25m investment to provide school places for all children by fully implementing the Education for Persons with Specials Needs (EPSEN) Act 2004.


Speaking the launch of their Pre-Budget submission, AsIAm CEO Adam Harris stated, “The last two years have been extremely challenging for Ireland’s autism community and it has shone a light on the scale of the profound systemic barriers that Autistic people and families experience – and the struggle that many families face in accessing basic services or making ends meet”.

Families and individuals across Ireland are feeling the financial pressures with the unprecedented rises in the cost of living. These costs are particularly felt by the autistic community and families due to the added financial pressure of the cost of disability and the insufficient social welfare payment paid to carer’s or those on a disability payment.”

In our Pre-Budget Submission for 2023, AsIAm recommends a wide range of proposals to Government which would help address the financial hardship that families and individuals are experiencing. They are in line with the Autism Innovation Strategy, and they support greater participation among the Autistic community in all strands of Irish society.


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