AsIAm Chosen as Awardee of National Pyjama Day

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AsIAm, Ireland’s National Autism Charity, is proud to be a recipient of this year’s Early Childhood Pyjama Day Fund! November 18th 2022 marks the 19th year of Early Childhood Ireland’s event which has helped raise over €3.7 million for charities nationwide. In creches and preschools across the country, children and staff will be sponsored to wear their pyjamas all day in aid of charities which support children with additional needs. This day highlights the importance of play and child-centred care, which reflects AsIAm’s goal to see autistic people in Ireland accepted and nurtured as they are. Last year, we used Pyjama Day funding to develop the Teach Me AsIAm Early Years Workshops. This year, AsIAm will be using these much-needed funds for our new Child and Family Support Programme and 



autism pyjama day

Our Child and Family Support Programme will reduce isolation, building the capacity for families to have their needs acknowledged and supported. The programme will coordinate a range of national clubs for children and young people including Lego, Dungeon and Dragons, and more! It offers information and support to families in areas of need as they arise like toileting, food and sensory awareness. A key goal for this programme is to offer neuroaffirmative or strengths-based pre and post diagnostic support and education to parents and guardians.

We couldn’t be more grateful to Early Childhood Ireland for their continued support!





With just 25% of our organisation’s running costs coming from the State, we must raise the balance through fundraising and outreach activities. The autistic community needs our support, we need your support

AsIAm wants to ensure that autistic people are afforded the Same Chance in every aspect of life, from going to school and making friends, to finding a job and accessing public services.

Unfortunately, too often autistic people face barriers which others in society do not.

AsIAm is working to remove these barriers, through our wide range of support, information and advocacy programmes, but we need your support to continue to deliver this work.

DONATE today and support our Same Chance campaign

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