AsIAm Project for Autistic Employment Needs Your Voice!

AsIAm is working on a new project which aims to reach autistic people in rural communities so that they can have greater access to employment in their area. Autistic people have high rates of under or unemployment, even those with relevant qualification and training. Despite an openness to hiring autistic workers, many businesses lack an understanding of what is needed to make their business autism friendly.

We are keen to hear directly from the community from both urban and rural areas, as this will be a both community-led and community-informed project. We appreciate you taking the time to help our new initiative! Please fill in your details at the end of the survey for a chance to win a €50 One For All Voucher.

Separately we would like to hear from the employers (no matter what size or location in Ireland) how we can assist you in recruiting autistic people.

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