AsIAm Child and Family Support Programme

Through the AsIAm Autism Information Line, we have heard directly from thousands of autistic individuals and families about the many existing barriers to engaging fully in Irish life. Too often, we hear from families when they have reached the point of crisis, and members of the family have become deeply isolated from school, work, peers and the community.

We have therefore established a Child and Family Support Programme which aims to:


The Child and Family Support Programme will offer a range of online and in person opportunities to connect with AsIAm, and each other


Place To Be

We are excited to offer a range of clubs for children and teenagers: Lego, My Little Pony, Dungeon and Dragons, Book Club, Art, Gaming, Photography, History, and Hangouts. More to come!

My Choices

Too often the preferences of autistic teenagers are not at the centre of the conversation. Through our advocacy groups, we will bring together experiences of being an autistic teenager and look at figuring out what helps and what really doesn’t help.


Blasting Barriers

Parents of autistic children, whether the child has an ‘official’ diagnosis or is awaiting assessment are often dedicated to overcoming barriers for their child in all walks of life… at home, in school, in their local community. Our groups aim to connect, prepare and support you in advocating for your child’s needs and rights.

If your family are interested in being part of the AsIAm Child and Family Support programme, you can contact to receive a referral form.

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