AsIAm’s Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Leaving Certificate Examinations

AsIAm hopes the proposed reforms to the Leaving Certificate take steps to proactively and inclusively address the barriers to education that many autistic students experience, which can range from negative experiences at school, to unmet educational support needs, to added stress and anxiety around the examinations and assessment process. As Ireland’s National Autism Charity, we have observed the Leaving Certificate and its emphasis on rote learning has been a huge barrier for our community. 

Even without the enormous anxiety produced by students hoping to reach their desired points, the format of the exams often fail to grasp the unique strengths and differences in autistic students. We hope that as the Senior Cycle considers how state examinations ought to be conducted moving forward, that they consider adopting a flexible approach suited to neurodiverse learning styles. To read our submission in its entirety, read the document below or download it here. 

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