August Update

Welcome to the first of our August update!

This August, we will be formatting our work around two key themes: summer safety and returning to school and the workplace. We will be running an informational campaign highlighting the different strategies individuals living with autism, their friends and family can use to keep safe whilst out. In tandem, in-depth interviews with professionals and parents will also be conducted on the subject.

As we move on to the month’s later half, we will be hosting a variety of guest blogs and Q&A sessions about returning to work, how one might begin applying for work, what it’s like having an employee on the spectrum and the supports available to those living with autism when job-hunting.

We want for this to be as inclusive and participatory as possible and so we ask for submissions from members of our online community and visitors to our website for submissions on what they think makes for a safe summer and a smooth return to work in September.