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COVID-19 and Rule Breaking Social Story TEXT ONLY

During COVID-19 the Irish Government has put some rules in place to keep everyone safe.

These rules tell us what we can and can’t do.

These rules will change every few weeks so that
people can slowly start to do things they
normally would again, like see friends and

Sometimes, people do not follow the rules. That
can make me feel worried or frustrated.

I might see people standing too close together, or
I might see people outside in groups.

There are lots of reasons why people might not
follow the rules.

Sometimes there are ‘exceptional reasons’
which mean they have been allowed to
do some things others aren’t.

Sometimes people will just break the rules. Not
everyone is as good as I am at following rules.

If I see someone breaking the rules I might
feel upset or angry. This is ok.

If anyone is doing something they are not
supposed to, it is the Gardai’s job to ask them
questions and make sure they are following
the rules as best they can.

Even if other people are not good at following
rules, I have been really good at doing what I
am supposed to. I am being really helpful and
keeping everyone around me safe and

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