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COVID19 Social Story For Those in Residential Care: TEXT ONLY

The Irish Government is asking everyone to be extra careful so we can stop the spread of COVID-19.
This means my daily schedule will change.

I may not be able do the things I usually do, and I may not see the people I usually see.

This means that my family and friends will not be able to visit me during this time.  This is to keep me safe and others around me safe.

My family and friends will also be staying at their house too.

This might make me sad and I might find this change difficult and that is ok. This is temporary, which means it will go back to normal when the government
says it’s ok.

If I have any worries or questions, my support workers will be there to help me.


If my support worker says it is ok, I may still be able to go fora walk with them and other people I live with.


If I go for a walk, I will need to stay 2 metres apart from other people out walking.


If I want to, I will still be able to speak to or see my family or friends on the phone or
video chat. If I need to, I can ask my support worker to help set this up. I will be able to see that my family and friends are safe at home.


I am helping to keep myself safe and my family safe. I must remember to wash and sanitise my hands and cough or sneeze into my elbow.


If everyone follows the rules, we will beable to go back to normal soon and my friends and family can visit again.

I am doing a great job at keeping myself
and my friends and family safe!

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