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Lockdown Phase 1 Social Story TEXT ONLY

The Irish Government are beginning to lift some
restrictions to slowly reopen our community.

Some people who weren’t allowed out before will
now be allowed out to exercise.

Any changes made will be small and will be made
slowly, so we can start to return to normal while
still protecting ourselves from COVID-19.

I should still stay at home as much as I can. I can
go outside to shop for essential items such as
food and medicine. I can also go outside to
exercise within 5 kilometres of my home.

I am now allowed to meet other people in small
groups within 5 kms of my home. 4 people may
meet up outside while maintaining social

I might be able to visit a few different stores to
buy things I could not before.

Some retail stores like gardening and hardware
stores are allowed reopen. Social distancing
measures will still be in place.

When we visit retail stores, we must queue
outside 2 meters apart to help protect
ourselves and others.

My school/college will still be closed. It is not
will be safe to return soon.

When I go outside, I may see people wearing
a mask on their face. Masks are used to
protect others from the coronavirus. If I wear
one, I should still do other important things
to help stop the spread of the virus.

When I am outside or in my home, I must
remember to continue practising good
hygiene. This includes washing my hands and
covering my mouth when I sneeze and cough.
This protects myself and others.

I may notice that some outdoor workers
have returned to work. I may see
construction workers or gardeners when I go
outside. This is safe as the workers will be
using social distancing and the new rules say
they are allowed

Public parks and some outdoor tourist sites
will now reopen. Playgrounds will remain
closed. This is to protect myself and others.
When I visit these sites, I must stay 2 meters
apart from the other people I meet there.

The Irish government says we have all done a
great job at keeping each other safe, and
that is why we can now slowly start to do
some of these things. I am doing really well
at keeping myself and others around me safe
and healthy.

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