We are very exciting for the release of a new RTE One Documentary, produced by Firebrand Productions, next Monday night on RTE One.

‘Autism & Me’ is a revealing observational documentary that explores the autism spectrum through the experiences of a number of Irish children, teenagers and young adults.

The documentary hears directly from a range of diverse and engaging participants about what living with autism is like and about how they feel they are perceived by the rest of the world. Through a series of personal testimonies, we are afforded a rare opportunity to see life from the perspectives of those living with autism.

AsIAm has been delighted to participate in the documentary through the story of our Founder, Adam Harris, and the documentary features some examples of our work. The documentary also features the stories of

  • Fiacre Ryan [16] who is non-verbal but still has a voice which he wants to be heard.
  • Niamh Biddulph [19] who strives each day to become an independent adult and dreams of going to college and having a family. Most of all, she wants to be accepted for who she is and not for the condition she has.
  • Hughie Malone [11] wonders what all the fuss is about? Why is society obsessed with the words like “disorder” and “normal”?.
  • Twins Dylan and Lee Burke [11] are both on the spectrum. Their parents are looking to the future and wonder how life will treat them in adulthood.

AsIAm feels this documentary will powerfully illustrate some of the different experiences of life with Autism in Ireland. The documentary is non-judgemental and is shown through the lens of Autistic people. We hope it will challenge public perceptions of the condition and engage people in considering their own life and what they can do to be more inclusive of the Autism community.

Be sure to join in the discussion on the night on social media, using #autismandme

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