We’re excited to announce that the AsIAm Autism Experience Exhibition is coming to Clondalkin, Co. Dublin!

We’ll be hosting the Exhibition in association with South Dublin County Council to mark National Accessibility Week. The Exhibition’s aim is to engage the general public in gaining a greater insight into what it is like to live with autism in daily life. Many people have heard of autism, yet few of us truly understand its meaning and fewer still have a sense of what it’s like to experience the challenges that autistic individuals experience.


How would you feel if you couldn’t read or see words clearly? What if you couldn’t understand what others are saying? How would you get your message across to people if you couldn’t communicate with your own voice? How would you be able to concentrate on the one thing but weren’t able to filter out aShot of Exhibition 3ll the surrounding noise? What if you couldn’t cope with the feel of certain textures, the tastes or odours of certain foods?

At our exhibition we will answer these questions and let you experience some of these challenges!

This Exhibition is presented in a Q&A format, which makes it accessible and engaging for visitors, be they on the autism spectrum or not. It includes an audio guide and a range of activities to enable visitors to step into the shoes of someone living with the condition.


The idea of the exhibition is not to be a local attraction. We hope that it will inspire a new way of thinking within local communities; where people of all ages from different backgrounds and jobs will begin to rethink their initial perception of autism and start the conversation about building a more inclusive society for autistic individuals.

Transitioning to adulthood can be hard enough for anyone, but for autistic individuals, who find change especially tough, it can be overwhelming. A misunderstanding of their needs and of the condition itself from people around them only adds to the problem. Sensory Area 2

We are encouraging visitors to check out the exhibition and to become part of the answer to building an inclusive society. People are asked to tweet us at #ImPartoftheAnswer after their visit, make a pledge to do one thing to be more inclusive and check out our growing YouthHub!

As part of this drive, we’ll be running a social media campaign in the lead up to the main event to engage online, to encourage people to visit the Exhibition and help bring about change.


All welcome! Attending the Exhibition is free of charge.


The event will be held on Tuesday 28th November, from 10:00am to 4:00pm at the Áras Chrónáin, Watery Lane, off Orchard Lane, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.

Google Map and Directions to Áras Chrónáin

PDF Directional Map from Áras Chrónáin


For more information, contact us as info@asiam.ie.