Autism Friendly Halloween Resources

We at AsIAm understand the stress and anxiety Halloween can cause for autistic people of all ages. The environmental triggers of lights, fireworks and costumes are difficult to avoid.

Autistic children have just as much a right to be out on Halloween as their neurotypical peers. However, we acknowledge some of our community, due to the loss of routine during the pandemic, may not be ready for Trick or Treating. Luckily, we’ve some resources to ensure an autism friendly Halloween for people of all ages and support needs!

Autism Friendly Halloween Colouring Worksheet 

This spooky colouring sheet is one of many new AsIAm Halloween resources!


These resources include a new social story to help autistic people prepare for activities like Trick or Treating, party games and face paint. They have been adjusted to explain changes to Halloween which may result from the Covid-19 pandemic. They also include games and activities which can be done at home for those of us who may not feel safe going outside this year. There’s plenty of chances for people to express their creativity through colouring worksheets. There’s even a fun guide for carving your own pumpkin!

Check out our full list below!

Halloween worksheets

Social Story: Explaining Halloween

Colouring Book

How to Decorate a Pumpkin

Counting Game

Small to Big 

Halloween Memory Game

Halloween Puzzle Set

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