Autism Information Line Celebrates Second Birthday

AsIAm’s Autism Information Line recently reached its second birthday. First launched in 2021 as Ireland’s first autism-specific phone line with the support of the HSE, it quickly evolved into one of our foremost projects. The Information Line has since evolved to a service accepting queries via phone, email or instant messenger. This variety of options allows the Information Line to match the diverse communication preferences of the Autistic Community.

Our Information Line team provides autism guidance by directing you to relevant AsIAm supports and signposting to other resources. This could include recommending AsIAm groups such as Child and Family Support for younger community members or Adult Support and Wellbeing as they grow older. Alternatively, we can assist community members in navigating existing supports and services, advocating for your child’s educational needs or seeking employment.

In the past two years, our Autism Information Line has supported over 7000 people on issues such as education, daily living, employment, diagnosis and mental health supports. To find out more about our work, visit our contact page here or watch the video below

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