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Embrace the World

Autistic Musician Launches Funding Campaign for Supergroup Single

Announcing the launch of a Fund it crowdfunding campaign for Cork-based singer, songwriter Kevin Walsh, in support of his debut single, Embrace the World, a super-group song in aid of the autism charity, AsIAm. In a 50/50 split with Kevin, the charity will receive 50% of all proceeds and royalties. 

Kevin’s inspiration for the supergroup style of performance comes from the Band Aid charity singles of Bob Geldof, and the recently successful Irish Women in Harmony singles. 

AsIAm’s mission statement emphasizes education, empowerment, advocacy and community, four areas which strongly resonate with Kevin, who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of five. ‘Music is my way of expressing myself to the world around me,’ says Kevin. 

Kevin got together with an ensemble of Cork’s finest producers and musicians recently to record the instrumental track. All have strong ties to MTU Cork School of Music, where Kevin graduated with First Class Honours BMus and MA degrees. The producing duo of Keith Clancy and Aidan O’Mahony, are also the team behind Roy Buckley’s Grammy shortlisted The Old Man on Patrick Street. Musicians include Maria Ryan and Lucia MacPartlin on strings, who also played on the Irish Women in Harmony singles, along with Christopher Hockey, Mark O’Gorman Daly and Jake O’Driscoll. 

Another alumna of those singles, Limerick-based singer / songwriter Emma Langford is ready to lend her voice to the song. Further singers in the line-up for Embrace the World are Mark Daly, currently recording for an album produced by Sascha Paeth of heavy metal band Avantasia; West End Stars Molly Lynch and Caroline Kay; Stephen Gormley the lead vocalist with folk band Moon Looks On; and Lisa Curran, Tralee Vocal Academy, soprano and social media manager. ‘Not only are these amazing artists, but their degree of social consciousness is incredible, the dream is to get other top Irish and international singers involved too – artists of the highest class, calibre and connection!’ Kevin tells us. 

RSVPIreland.net project manager Yvonne Coughlan, an award winning film director and screenwriter, will be working with Maurice Supple of blue shed productions to create the music video for Embrace the World, intended to dramatically depict some key experiences and challenges overcome by Kevin and his mother, Cathy, with performances by actors, combined with on-screen appearances by the supergroup vocalists. In preparation for the project, and scripting the music video, Yvonne has conducted intimate interviews with Kevin and his Mum, and is inspired by their stories about the difficulties they faced to get Kevin to this pivotal point in his career. 

By embracing widely different vocal styles within the super group performance, Kevin is also illustrating the variety of the autistic community. Each person on the spectrum is an individual with different support needs, interests and abilities. Just as no musical style is any less valid than another, so too is each autistic person equally important and gifted, but in need of support. Stop and Listen! 

Embrace the World is set to be released later this year, to support the project, follow the progress, and enjoy some unique rewards make your donation at the following link 


by - 14 May, 2021

Last updated by - May 14, 2021

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