ExamRevision.ie Grants Free Access to Autism ID Cardholders

AsIAm is pleased to announce that ExamRevision.ie, will be offering free access to holders of our Autism ID card for the month of April. Ireland’s leading secondary school web-learning resource has announced this as part of World Autism Month.

Autistic Students nationwide are still preparing for state exams

Although some autistic students may excel in exams due to their strong memory, attention to details and intense focus on a task, many more can find them challenging.  Even when autistic students study hard, they may struggle with issues around overthinking and worry. Within the context of narrow time periods to answer questions and write arguments, these concerns will often grow as deadlines approach closer and closer and students begin to doubt themselves. Autistic people, who require clarity in their learning, may worry they didn’t have enough time to properly revise. They might panic there wasn’t time to reach out and talk to their teacher about a confusing question.

This confusion hasn’t been helped by the switch to remote learning. While AsIAm continues to advocate for the return of autistic secondary school students in mainstream settings, we acknowledge support is needed in the present. Students in both the junior and senior state exam cycles, have been subject to a lot of anxiety and uncertainty since last March.

Luckily, ExamRevision.ie has stepped up to help

ExamRevision.ie is Ireland’s leading video tutorial website for both students and teachers. It provides interactive video tutorials, self-correcting quizzes and powerpoint presentations. High quality resources allow students to develop knowledge and engage with their learning on their own terms. Their self-correcting quizzes allow students to get instant, clear feedback on their work. What’s more, ExamRevision.ie’s exam building tool allows students to create exam papers based on previous exam questions and test their knowledge in a controlled setting. This can be particularly useful for autistic students to prepare themselves for state exams in a controlled environment.

A premium membership for ExamRevision.ie would normally cost upwards of €90 a year, but these resources will be made freely available to autistic students for the month of April in recognition of World Autism Month. Keith Walsh CEO of ExamRevision stated  “We are very excited to be supporting World Autism Month through our partnership with AsIAm and I hope our online learning platform will support students to ‘Watch and Learn’ at their own pace!”

AsIAm CEO Adam Harris thanked Mr. Walsh for this move, stating “COVID-19 has presented significant challenges to all students but for autistic students the loss of structure and in-school support, coupled with the lack of certainty around examinations, has presented unique barriers for many of our young people. We appreciate the generosity of ExamRevision.ie in offering this support to members to our ID Cardholders as a means of marking World Autism Month”

Are you an autistic student preparing for state exams? Here’s how to apply.

Although this free membership has been introduced for the World Autism Month, autistic students who apply this month will continue to have free access beyond April. All that is needed to apply for for this is one of our Autism ID Cards. The ID Cards, introduced two years ago, serve as proof of diagnosis and enable members of the autistic community to self-advocate and request support. For more information on the cards and how to acquire one, click here.

Once you’ve got your ID, all you need to do is email a picture of it to office@examrevision.ie

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