Life with Autism brings its challenges. The condition impacts on how people go about their day to day life, in a way others take for granted, indeed everything from going to school or work, making friends or even just going to the supermarket presents different hurdles for those of us with the condition.


Finding your way to this page, it is likely that you yourself have the condition and find it frustrating at times. We hope to use this space to arm you with a powerful weapon to relieve some of this stress…KNOWLEDGE!

When life gets tough or you are finding something difficult it is easy to feel very alone, to not understand why you act or feel a certain way and there is a temptation to just feel sorry for yourself. BUT this won’t help things! We hope to use this section to address some of the common challenges of those with the condition.

Autism is a huge spectrum and so it is very tough to address all the many issues in day to day life here, particularly when we are not providing information aimed at everyone but specifically at those with the condition. As a result we focus most of our information here at people with high-functioning forms of the condition.

We hope you enjoy using this site and let us know what others issues YOU would like addressed here. Continue the conversation on the forum or submit your own work to us for our blogs section – this site belongs to the Autism community and those with the condition are our VIP members!

Remember, knowledge is power, use this information to address the challenges in your own life and arm yourself with the tools to reach your full potential.

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