Youth Leadership Team

We believe that in order for people with Autism to be truly included in society, people must be provided with the skills to be able to advocate for themselves and have their voices heard so that society will understand and be open to those with the autism.

AsIAm put out an open call across Ireland, to young people with autism, who would like to act as ambassadors for the charity, by directing and influencing our work, the work of others, the media and the general public.

At AsIAm, we passionately believe there is a real need to have the voices of young people with Autism heard. As part of setting up the Youth Leadership Team, we traveled the country and met with parents and siblings whose young adults can not advocate for themselves.

We are incredibly proud of our YLT whose work to date has seen the creation of a new social media campaign, #AskAsIAm, online autism awareness platform for young people,, and the creation of an Autism exhibition, which has traveled the country and enabled young people to get an “experience” of life with Autism.

Head over to the Youth Hub section in the website, and find out more about the Youth Leadership Team, and their work for 2017.


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