We receive lots of enquiries in relation to providing talks or delivering training days to different groups and organisations. This can be anything from inviting our Founder, Adam Harris, to address your National Conference through to looking for Understanding Autism Training for your business or community group.

As an organisation committed to developing a more inclusive, informed Ireland for those with Autism we are always keen to accommodate such requests when we can. Presently, we receive more requests than our very limited team (one full-time staff member, two part-time staff members and volunteers) can accommodate but we always try our best

In terms of sending invitations / training requests – we ask everyone to complete the below form. We hold a diary meeting on the third Friday of every month so we need to receive requests at least one month before the date you have in mind. As well as Adam, qe are lucky to have amazing volunteers who have their own journeys and stories to tell and who are trained to deliver various AsIAm workshop packages. This is an ongoing process and we hope to have more people trained as the year goes on – we do ask you to be flexible in who you accept to deliver your training – believe us they as all INCREDIBLE.

We provide these services free of charge to small community groups but for larger organisations, businesses and services we ask for an agreed donation to be made towards the work we do – as this is the only way we can continue! Our office will discuss the specifics with you when we respond to your query.

Please give us as much information in the form below as possible so we can best deal with your request.

To see some of the events and training we have currently confirmed, why not check out the AsIAm Calendar here.

Speaker Invitation

Please fill out the below form to invite Adam to your event! We will do our very best to get back to you as soon as possible and to try and accommodate you if at all possible!
  • Do you want AsIAm to deliver a workshop relating to Autism and your organisation/community or are you seeking for us to present or speak at a larger event?
  • If the answer is no, this does not mean we won't do it! However the costs of the event and our time is something we have to consider. We are always pleased to support small groups who may be only starting out and not have any budgets.
  • If you have any promotional material or documents relating to your event which may be of use to us then please attach them here.