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Medb Lambert: What I Don’t Know About Autism

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Medb Lambert, head of design for What I (Don’t) Know About Autism. Medb is well versed in this arena, working as the head of Equinox, an inclusive theatre company within KCat. Media pieces often observe autism visualise it as children separated behind glass or imagery that …

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Our Week Online – 30/6/2019

our week online_asiam ireland's national autism charity and advocacy organisation

Welcome to Our Week Online, where we read the internet so you don’t have to! A disability centre in Dublin has been sanctioned by HIQA after finding that “high-risk issues” were not being adequately addressed. Legislation for a pilot medical cannabis programme was signed by the Minister of Health this week. The aim of the …

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The Autism Community on Special Interests!

autism special needs

Last month we held a competition on our social media for a family pass to Dublin Comic Con. To enter the competition, people had to comment in 25 words or LESS… “What your special interest (or your child’s special interest) means to you(/them)?” We know it’s hard to be brief when it comes to special interests, but …

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Stimming (short for self-stimulatory behaviour) is a repetitive series of actions which an autistic person may do when they are excited, anxious or stimulated. Almost everyone engages in stimming to some degree in their own way. They might crack their knuckles, tap their feet, or even just hum and whistle. Autistic people are usually more …

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Building an Autism-Friendly Environment

Day #22 of our #AsIAmChallenge for World Autism Day is about helping prepare for an autism-friendly environment. We often think of this as a strictly sensory exercise and that’s certainly a crucial part of the process. Building the best setting for a person on the spectrum to live and work in, however, involves much more …

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Check out our Sensory Checklist Tool!

It’s Day 12 of #AsIAmChallenge and things have taken a big step up! Today we are challenging members of the public, businesses, schools and community organisations to conduct a sensory audit of their environment. Autistic people can experience environments in a different way to those who are not autistic – some people experience sensory overload …

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Autism & Stereotyping

Autism is widely known yet it is not widely understood. Awareness of the condition has grown in recent years and there have been many milestones in actively including and promoting autistic people’s participation within wider society. Myths and misconception still exist however and it is important that we tackle these whenever we see and hear …

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