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Building an Autism-Friendly Environment

Day #22 of our #AsIAmChallenge for World Autism Day is about helping prepare for an autism-friendly environment. We often think of this as a strictly sensory exercise and that’s certainly a crucial part of the process. Building the best setting for a person on the spectrum to live and work in, however, involves much more …

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Conducting Autism-Friendly Interviews

Day #16 of our #AsIAmChallenge is about preparing for autism-friendly interviews. Businesses have begun to recognise the valuable skills that autistic employees can bring to the workplace. A meticulous attention to detail, excellent memories and task-driven minds are traits any employer would love to have! However, entering the workforce remains a huge challenge for many …

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#Day 13 Making Written Communication Clear

Day#13 of our #AsIAmChallenge is about using Plain English when communicating. We often think of autism’s major difficulties with communication and language as an almost exclusively childhood problem that is eventually resolved. It’s true that many on the spectrum do learn social skills as they mature, enabling them to make friends and build positive relationships …

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Teach Me AsIAm Early Years Programme Arrives at Limerick

Up to sixty early years professionals attended the ‘Teach Me AsIAm’ Early Years seminar in Limerick’s Mary Immaculate College this week. The seminar was addressed by AsIAm’s CEO Adam Harris, who spelled out the importance of the programme, before the seminar’s beginning saying that ultimately “Teach Me AsIAm is more than addressing best practices in …

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Spotlight: Middletown Centre for Autism

The Middletown Centre for Autism is an educational and research facility whose work revolves around the promotion and development of special education services for children and young people on the autistic spectrum. Situated in Middlestown, County Armagh, the Centre was founded as a cross-border initiative in 2007 between the Northern Ireland Department of Education and …

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