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Joan McDonald – Introduction to Autistic Paddies


You may have met Autistic Paddies at our last National Autism Conference last October, the Facebook group for autistic adults aged 18+ from or based in Ireland that’s on the rise. In this blog, group facilitator and moderator Joan McDonald talks us through her own autism diagnosis, her search for community in Ireland, and how …

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Interview: PRISM DLR Autism Support Group

Support groups are invaluable resources for the autism community, from individuals on the spectrum, families and professionals. We sat down with Joanne and Jenn from PRISM-DLR, a local support group in the Dún Laoghaire Rathdown area, to talk to them about the work their organisation does for parents of children diagnosed on the spectrum, their …

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Bray Lakers Video – Who needs Garth Brooks?

These past few weeks the country has been inconsolable due to the Garth Brooks saga. Here at AsIAm.ie we had been feeling very sad about the no-show of everyone’s favourite cowboy….until this morning! Bray Laker’s is a sports and recreation club for people with Special Needs including Autism. Aside from all the great pride they …

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CALL-OUT: Local AsIAm Liaison Officers

Since launch day we have been working hard, travelling Ireland to promote our message and building content and resources useful to the Autism community. As you know, we want to be an organisation not just for the Autism Community, but actually directed by that community. We are conscious that in order to accurately and effectively …

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Becky Heaver: “And a self-advocate is born”

Becky Heaver, PhD, tells us about her work as a person with Aspergers Syndrome who also runs a self-advocacy group for those affected. In this piece she talks of how the experience has been since she first began this work six months ago When I applied for the position of group supporter for a self-advocacy …

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