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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Passport: A Promising New System

Assistive Technology Passport; The Qualitative Research study  In 2016,  Enable Ireland and the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI)  published a discussion  paper on the state of the Assistive Technology (AT) ecosystem in Ireland. Among the recommendations contained in the paper was the establishment of an AT central coordinating agency with the responsibility of coordinating a …

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Robert Byrne’s Sensory Pod

Today we sit down with Robert Byrne, creator of the sensory pod. Adapting the capsule hotels commonly found in Asia, Byrne created a new piece of assistive technology. The pod is roghly the side of a sunbed and is an excellent resource for anyone with sensory needs. What led to the pod’s creation? Our main …

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Our Week Online – 3/2/2019

It’s Sunday, and February is here which means, whether it feels like it or not, Spring has come to Ireland. Welcome to Our Week Online. In Turkey, the Otsimo app invented by Zafer Elcik for his autistic brother has helped thousands autistic students across the world with their education. BBC World Hacks meets Zafer and …

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