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Our Week Online – 10/2/2019

This is Our Week Online. Sit down, why don’t you? A quarter of the disabled population of Ireland live in poverty, and while 42% of applications for disability allowance were rejected in 2018, about 70% of appeals were granted. The Irish Examiner reports on the arduous process of applying and reapplying for disability allowance in …

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Being a True Friend by Rachael Donohoe

Here at AsIAm it’s important to us to champion the work of the autistic community. That’s why we are happy to announce that we are supporting the launch of a new picture book Being a True Friend written and illustrated by Rachael Donohoe. The book is aimed at children developing interpersonal skills and offers support in …

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“It’s Not A Disorder”: Minister Joe McHugh Challenges Himself and TDs on Inclusive Language around Autism

 Following constructive and insightful discussions and correspondence with AsIAm in recent weeks, on Tuesday 23rd January Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh TD addressed Dáil Eireann on the importance of using inclusive and correct language when we refer to autism in the education system (which can be viewed in the video above; transcript at …

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Socialising & Building Social Skills

Amid preparing for school or for college, whilst we’re often completely caught up worrying if we’ll take to the incoming routine changes, or whether we’ll like the course we’ve picked, it’s easy to overlook one crucial aspect until we’ve finally arrived in the classroom – socialising. Building and using social skills is one of the …

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VIDEO: AsIAm Says Hi – What supports are available to students with Autism?

There is so many different people and organisations doing great things to support people with Autism but sometimes, because our community is so large and vibrant, we can all miss things or would love to learn more about a particular opportunity. Every month we are going to visit “say Hi” to one of the different …

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Video: I am just like you

We received this from a parent and we love the message – Autism is only one part of anyone! It’s cold and miserable outside today – this will warm you up!   Image courtesy of digital art / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Cheer Up Tuesday: One Young World – “Move to Include”

We have been out there this morning and it is a cold, drab day out there! Need a cheer-up? Then, we think you should stick on the kettle, sit down and watch the video below. One Young World, a major international youth leadership conference, took place in Dublin last weekend. The conference brought together 1300 …

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Video: “Listen” – An insight into Autism

We came across this video by designer / animator, Marisabel Fernandez. “Listen”, tries to give an insight into the sensory processing challenges of a young child with Autism, the challenge of coping with and computing questions and how misunderstood and neglected people with Autism can be in society. While the video uses abstract images and …

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Bray Lakers Video – Who needs Garth Brooks?

These past few weeks the country has been inconsolable due to the Garth Brooks saga. Here at AsIAm.ie we had been feeling very sad about the no-show of everyone’s favourite cowboy….until this morning! Bray Laker’s is a sports and recreation club for people with Special Needs including Autism. Aside from all the great pride they …

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