AsIAm is all about the voice of the Autism community. We love nothing more than receiving content from those who use our website – sharing experiences, perspectives and ideas.

It greatly enriches our website and can be hugely supportive to people in similar situations. It gives people ideas, hope and reassurance in facing different situations around life with Autism.

We can’t always publish every piece and we try to get a variety of content / perspectives on the website. We also must ensure that any content we post is in line with our mission and vision and is accurate and balanced.

Each month we are going to publish a “wishlist” of content we would like to receive for our site that month, in line with particular themes we are exploring.

We recognise people have different means and preferences in how they express themselves and so content can be presented in a wide variet of formats such as

  • Articles / blogs
  • Photographs / videos
  • Artwork

Submissions may come from different perspectives

  • They might be about your experiences as a person with Autism, a family member or professional
  • They might be about a particular project or event you are involved with
  • It might be ideas or research you are passionate about
  • It might be a resource or approach you have used or developed which has been helpful to you.

When we receive content we review it and reserve the right to edit it or request you to adjust it. Depending on what you are submitting it may be posted as an “Opinion” piece or, for a more factual article, we may need to conduct a fact-check or ask about what qualifications/experiences or expertise that you have.

We cannot accept content which is

  • Promoting an individual product or business
  • Promotes a clinical approach or therapy which is not based in research or is not regulated
  • Names or criticises specific individuals or organisations
  • Promoting hatred or discrimination of any kind towards any group or individual

All that said – we would love to hear from you! Many people who submit content find it to be an empowering, positive experience – you can chose to submit content anonymously or we can publish your name and picture.

This month we would love to hear from you about…

  • Experiences of school / college
  • Transitioning from one school to another or from education to employment / adult life
  • Experiences of employment
  • Experiences of adult services
  • Talking to friends about your condition
  • Supporting a sibling with the condition
  • Joining a club or activity as a person with Autism
  • Experiences of summer and hopes for the remainder of 2016

Of course, we will be equally delighted to consider any other ideas or content you want to send us! You can submit content to or via the form below

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