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Making a complaint and education support

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Who can I make a complaint to if I am not satisfied with the education support I am receiving?

There are several options available to you if you are unsatisfied with the support you and your child(ren) are receiving. The process of making a complaint depends on what aspect of their education is problematic. 

It is important that you keep a record of everything during your engagement with any service and their complaints department. Always make sure that you have everything in writing.

Under the Education Act 1998, the Department of Education and Skills is not responsible for managing complaints procedures.


If you feel that your child is not receiving adequate support in an educational context, then you will need to determine whether this is because of their teacher or their principal, or their SENO. 


If it is their teacher or any member of staff (apart from the principal), you may lodge a formal complaint regarding their education to the school principal. It is important to note that Any person, including members of the public, employers and other teachers may make a complaint about a registered teacher.  In addition, the Teaching Council can itself make a complaint about a registered teacher.


If it is their principal, you must lodge your complaint to the Board of Management of your child’s school. 


If it is their local SENO, then you must fill out a Formal Complaints Form in full from the NCSE’s website and send it directly to them by post. You can find the Form at https://ncse.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Comment-and-complaint-Procedure-FINAL13.05.15.doc.pdf.

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