National Autism Conference 2018 Speaker Presentations

It’s been a month since our National Autism Conference in October, and we’ve received wonderful feedback from attendees, the livestream audience, and our fantastic speakers. We’ve already started planning National Autism Conference 2019, and hope to see you there next year! In the meantime, some of our speakers have kindly given us their presentations from last month’s conference to upload here on our website, so you can access them for free!

Note – these presentations belong to the speakers, and are not to be distributed or sold.

In order of the Conference Agenda:

Keynote:Autism: How My Unstoppable Mother proved the Professionals Wrong (Chris Varney ICAN Network Australia) – livestream

Morning Breakout 2: Building Inclusive Work Opportunities (Cat Hughes – DCU Autism Friendly University Coordinator, Des Henry, WALK)

Morning Breakout 3: Building Inclusive Clubs (Zarah Doyle – Special Education Tutor)

Morning Breakout 4: Building Inclusive Communities (Robin Bush – Chief Executive, Autism Together)

Afternoon Breakout B: Building Inclusive Workplaces  (Chris Varney, ICAN Network Australia)

A note on the conference livestream – because the day was about eight hours long, the livestream was divided in two. The first six hours and twenty minutes are here, and the final hour and a half is here.

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