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Coronavirus Isolation Children’s Social Story *Text Only*


Your daily routine of going to school will be different and this might feel stressful. This is ok, we must do this to keep everyone feeling well. Everyone is off school and you won’t miss any classes or fun. 




When ‘self – isolating’, these are some things that you should do.



  • Do 



Stay at home. Keep the window open if you can.



Cover your coughs or sneezes using a tissue or your elbow.




Wash your hands regularly. Wash for 20 seconds.




Use your own towel and don’t share a towel with others.





Don’t share drinks, cups or other items.



Don’t meet up with friends. You can phone or text them, and you will see them soon.


Don’t shake hands with anyone – this will help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Instead – you can wave. 


As you cannot attend school – your parents/caregivers will give you activities to help keep busy –you might be able to do some fun activities. 


Your teacher might also have given you some school work to do while school is closed. 


When the doctor says that it is ok, I can spend more time around other people but keep being careful with handwashing and hygiene.


When schools are reopened and I am feeling ok, I can go back to school!


by - 20 March, 2020

Last updated by - March 20, 2020

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