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 AsIAm Covid19 Testing Social Story

If the doctor thinks that I might have Covid 19, I may have to have a test to check if I do.


I might not feel sick or unwell, but the doctor may still decide I need to have a test. This is to keep me safe and others around me safe.


If the doctor decides I need a test there are three ways this might happen;


  1. If I live in a rural area or far from a hospital, someone may come in an ambulance to test me at my house. 


  1. An appointment might be made for me to visit a Testing Centre close to me. I can leave after the test is finished.


  1. If I am unwell and staying in hospital, the doctor in the hospital will test me there.


When the doctor or medical worker is testing me, they will use a swab. A swab is a small thin stick with cotton wool at the end. They will


  1. Put the swab in my mouth and rub the inside of my throat
  2. Put the swab up my nose and rub the inside of my nose

I might not like the feeling of this, and that is ok. It will be over very quickly, and the doctor or medical worker needs to do this to check if I am unwell.


When the test is finished, the doctor will send the results to a laboratory to be checked. It may take a few days to get the results. During this time, I should still be careful to wash my hands and self isolate.


If the test shows I have Covid 19, I do not need to panic. The doctor will tell me how to stay healthy. I will need to stay indoors until I feel better.


If the test shows I do not have Covid 19, I still must be very careful with washing my hands, keeping my distance from people outside of my house and only going outside when I have to.



by - 20 March, 2020

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