Disabled Parking Permits

Disabled Person’s Parking Permits or Cards (also known as European Parking Cards or Disabled Parking Badge) are available to people living in Ireland with certain disabilities and those who are registered blind, whether they are drivers or passengers.  

How do Disabled Parking Permits work?

The parking card scheme for disabled drivers and passengers applies to public car parking areas only. However, the scheme also enables private car parks, supermarkets, etc., to more effectively monitor parking in areas that they have designated for people with disabilities. If you have a parking card, the disabled parking spaces provided by local authorities are free of charge. Under local bye-laws, each local authority has the discretion to set time limits for parking in these spaces. Some local authorities apply no time limit, while others state that you must abide by the time limits displayed for the area. The parking card scheme is administered by the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) and the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA). In order to apply for a Parking Permit, you must complete one of the following three options: 

Certified by your GP

Being certified by your GP or medical practitioner that you fall under the relevant criteria. You must bring the permit application form which is available online to your GP for completion. 

Be a Primary Medical Certificate holder

The Primary Medical Certificate is not the Medical Card and is only awarded to people with a very high level of disability. 

Be Certified Blind

Be certified blind by the National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI) a GP, Ophthalmologist or Optician. Applicants certified blind automatically qualify for a permit. Please note if you proceed with this option you will be required to return an application form certified by one of the following:  

  • NCBI 
  • Ophthalmologist 
  • Optician 
  • GP 

To request a parking card application form from the Disabled Drivers Association, you can email [email protected]. Alternatively you can apply online on the website of the Irish Wheelchair Association, or email [email protected]. Decision makers within the issuing authorities will determine if you are eligible based on the information provided.

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