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Donation – Terms & Conditions

Users making donations by debit card or credit card hereby agree and assure AsIAm that:

  • all debit card or credit card information supplied is true, correct and complete
  • the person making the donation is duly authorized to use the charge card or credit card for that purpose
  • the donation and the fees will be honoured by the donor’s credit card company


If you discover that a donation has been made on this website site using your debit card or credit card details in circumstances where you had not agreed to or authorised this, then (provided you have not, through failure to take reasonable care, allowed an unauthorised person to gain access to your credit card details or password) AsIAm is required to refund to you the money they receive provided that:

You inform your credit card or charge card company and AsIAm of the unauthorised payment as soon as you discover it; and
you co-operate with your credit card company and AsIAm and, if necessary, the police in relation to the unauthorised use.

All donations made via the website are final unless fraudulent use of the card is proven in accordance with previous paragraph.

As online donations are voluntary, if you change your mind about contributing online to any charity for any reason, or if you donate the wrong amount by mistake, AsIAm is happy to honour your decision, as long as you request a refund within 7 days of the date on which you made the contribution so that a refund can be made to your card’s account.

AsIAm takes no responsibility for your dissatisfaction with the use of your donation to any charity. If you have cause for dissatisfaction with the use of your donation you may contact the charity directly using the contact details provided on the website.

If you have cause for dissatisfaction with the use of your donation you may contact us directly at donate@asiam.ie.

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