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Educational supports

Higher Education.

Online toolkit to support students in making this transition.

Attending a much larger, socially intense environment after the lengthy lockdown period could lead to some students feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. We are delighted that working with Rethink Ireland we have been able to create in-depth, online toolkit to support students in making this transition.

The website has been created in close partnership with autistic third level students and includes detailed advice and support to help autistic student navigate academic, social and student life in third level education. The website includes videos of students answering common questions about life in college/university. A 360-degree video of a college campus allows visitors to explore a college environment in advance of their first day on campus whilst downloadable resources provide how-to guides for students living independently for the first time such as recipes and money management.

Autistic people have a lot to offer and benefit from higher education. Many young people have special interests which lend themselves to studying a topic intensely at University, furthermore the chance to make friends with people who share your interests and learn in a more flexible way than is possible in school can be an exciting opportunity for many autistic students. That said, often the barriers which prevent autistic people from choosing to attend or completing higher level studies come from non-academic challenges – navigating busy campus environments, managing workload and anxiety, communicating with peers and navigating complex university bureaucracy are just some examples of this.

Younger Students.

Changes in routine and lack of support are always challenging for autistic students but re-establishing routine can be just as challenging. The summer months present an important opportunity for Summer Provision facilitators and family members to help prepare children for the transition back to education in September, but materials and guidance are needed to do so. The Bridge Back to School resource, created in partnership with SuprValu and released in 2021 will support a young person to understand, prepare and manage the return to school.


Alex (above) will guide you through the activities.

Download your free booklet here 

SuperValu & AsIAm recently held a Community Support Webinar: Back to School Primary and Secondary With Maria Dervan, a Special class teacher in Limerick and a part time lecturer in MIC and Billy Redmond School principal.

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