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20 for 24

2024 will no doubt provide us with a variety of challenges on all different levels. Irrespective of the year challenges remain for all members of the Autism Community our advocates and supporters as we strive to ensure that all autistic people get the SAME CHANCE in life!

So, for 2024 Take on the 20 for 24 Challenge this year for AsIAm.

It is simple: pick your challenge it can be a walk, a run, a swim, a cycle, a skip, a game, a bake off/sale, a quiz whatever you want. Pick a configuration of 20 this year, and fundraise for As I Am.

  • Participate in a Walk, a Run, a Hike, Cycles, Swims, etc whatever you want in 2024
  • Over/ on /for 20 times, 20 days, 20 hours, 20 minutes, over 20 miles, for 20 laps, 20 strokes, 20 steps.
  • Pick your challenge
  • Pick your dates
  • Pick your time

You can do it all in a week, in a month, in a year.  You can do it yourself, as a family or as a team!

We will support you in your fundraising efforts in whatever challenge you choose.

SIGN UP today on the form below to take part in the 20 for 24 Challenge for As I Am.

AsIAm Fundraising Events 2024
In order to keep you updated on your chosen event and check your progress, AsIAm will need to contact you by email
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