Welcome to, I hope you find this site to be a useful one-stop shop of information relating to Autism, a strong voice for the Autism community and a safe, happy online community for those living, supporting or working with Autism.

I founded AsIAm based on my own personal experiences of Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism, which I was diagnosed with at the age of 5. I am acutely aware of the challenges brought about in day to day life by the condition and am equally conscious how fortunate I am to have benefited from early intervention and to be able to live as “normal” a life as possible.

AsIAm is my effort to give something back to the AS community, we hope that this site will very much be directed by the needs, views and concerns of  those affected by Autism. We hope, in particular, to challenge the public to learn more about the condition and to change their perception of disABILITIES such as Autism.

As a young person living with Autism, I have often found it difficult to find very real, practical information about the condition. From my journeys around Ireland and speaking to so many people affected by the condition this seems to be an issue many have encountered. We hope that AsIAm will not be a scientific journal or a “glossy” account of Autism, rather we hope to give people a place to find practical information and to tell and read personal stories, experiences and concerns. We want our users to start conversations which can be discussed on our forum and set the agenda for our organisation’s work.

We have big, big hopes and aspirations for AsIAm, but we need YOU to help us make a success. This site will succeed, expand and help thousands or become underused and outdated website purely based on your input!

Join us on our journey – remember the site belongs to you!

Best Wishes,

Adam Harris

Founder –

Speaking Engagements

Since founding, I have been overwhelmed by the amazing interest so many people show in our work. I enjoy nothing more than travelling around the country and engaging with people with Autism, their families and professional supporters, or speaking about the area of Autism or Social Enterprise generally, indeed to date I have undertaken engagements in over 24 counties around Ireland.

However, as this interest grows on the ground I have more work than ever to do in working with our team and volunteers to deliver programmes, campaigns and initiatives which will make a real difference to people with Autism in Ireland – this means lots of work at my desk!

Selecting Events

I receive a very large number of invitations every month from around Ireland, on top of our own events, in schools, businesses and communities, which we organise around the country. While reading the invitations I would love to attend every single one, sadly this is not possible! However even events I cannot attend, we are always delighted to promote on our website, ask a team member or local volunteer to attend/speak or support remotely in anyway we can

Grainne, our Community Manager, helps me to select a small number of events each month to attend. We consider events based on:

  • Availability/AsIAm Schedule
  • Aim of your event/relevance to our mission
  • Expected attendance at event
  • Location of your event (and how recently I last visited the area)
  • Format/Timing of event
  • Ability to make a donation which can help us to continue to work to build an inclusive Ireland for those with Autism

Generally, it will take us 1 week – 10 days to provide a response to your invite. If you are organising a major event in which you require details and confirmation several months in advance, we will work hard to accommodate you.

When selecting invites we aim to select a cross-section of locations, stakeholders and formats so we can bring our message to as wide and broad an audience as possible! We will always get back to you with an answer and even if I can’t attend (and hopefully I can!) this is not a lack of interest but just difficulties with our most scarce resource – time!

Send me an invitation!

In order to send me an invitation to attend an event please see our “Book a Speaker/Training” section here.

Information for your event

If I am in a position to speak at your event, Grainne will get in touch closer to the time in
order to get further information. To make life easier, please see resources below:

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